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Embark to face
the Eiffel Tower
for a Prestige Dinner Cruise

When you choose to cruise through the heart of Paris with the Prestige Dinner Cruise, you’ll marvel at the magnificence of the City of Light’s illuminations. The rendezvous is in front of the Eiffel Tower, where the captain and deckhand welcome you. You’ll then be warmly welcomed by the staff of the Tosca barge, the Prestige Dinner Cruise’s restaurant boat. Thanks to its three lounges overlooking the river, you can enjoy an aperitif in front of the marvellous spectacle of the Eiffel tower illuminated.

9pm, the Eiffel Tower sparkles in the Parisian night, signaling the start of the cruise on the Seine towards the historic heart of Paris. The Tosca barge crosses the Parisian waves to discover the mirific vision of the Alexandre III bridge, its golden candelabras reflected shimmering on the waters of the Seine.

In the hushed ambience of the restaurant boat, the waiters serve the Prestige Dinner Cruise throughout the navigation, so you can make the most of the Parisian panorama.

Croisière Bistronomique


Navigate through the monuments
in Paris

In front of the Ile de la Cité, the Pont-Neuf majestically spans the Seine. We owe it to Henry IV, who sits proudly on his horse at the tip of the island.

As you leave the Petit-Pont, the towers of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral rise eternally into the Parisian sky. Notre-Dame was saved on several occasions, including from fire by the Paris fire department during the Great Fire of 2019. When the captain takes the return route, you’ll be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the chevet of Notre-Dame.

At the Statue of Liberty, the captain harmoniously rotates the boat so that you can admire the statue brandishing the flame of liberty, with the illuminated Eiffel Tower in line, its beacon swirling in the Parisian night. The view is magnificent from the terrace of the Tosca barge.

Paris is at its most beautiful on the water, allowing you to enjoy the capital’s iconic monuments to the full.

Foie Gras s

At the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the captain turns back, like a slow waltz, to appreciate the night-time panorama across the width of the river. The Prestige Dinner Cruise follows the rhythm of navigation.

Eiffel tour

Experience an unforgettable cruise
in the glitter of the Eiffel Tower


French cuisine classics prepared by our Chef

Eiffel Croisières’ Chef composes a menu in the great tradition of classic French cuisine, based on quality products. The menu is renewed throughout the year to take advantage of the delights of each season.

Available only from Eiffel Croisières on the Seine, the seafood platter is the signature dish of the Prestige Cruise. It goes with the Chef’s fish menu. The seafood platter must be chosen in advance to guarantee it for the cruise. Foie gras is the company’s other signature dish, also available on the Dinner Cruise menu.

Food and wine pairings are designed to take you on a culinary and gustatory journey through the French provinces, especially when it comes to the wine list. As you pass by the Tour d’Argent, a landmark of French gastronomy for over 400 years, the waiters serve your choice of dishes from the prestige menu.



Experience an unforgettable cruise
in the glitter of the Eiffel Tower

As you’ll discover during the Dinner Cruise, Paris dazzles with the splendor of its lights. Then comes the highlight of the show, the passage in front of the Eiffel Tower, illuminated by a thousand lights. You’ll probably be on the panoramic terrace of the Tosca barge, immortalizing this unforgettable moment.

The Prestige Cruise will set sail and return to the quayside in the glitter of the tower, magical and marvellous moments that will brighten up your evening, and whose memories you will cherish with emotion.

Embark with Eiffel Croisières for a memorable cruise through the glittering Eiffel Tower.

Choose the lounge for your cruise

The Privilege Lounge lets you reserve a bay window table to take full advantage of the absolutely magnificent view of Paris’s monuments, and welcome a large group of friends, family or business associates.

The Premium Lounge lets you enjoy the panoramic view from the bow of the boat.

The VIP Lounge, located on the upper deck, offers panoramic views of Paris’s iconic monuments and direct access to the outdoor terrace. This lounge can be privatized for an exceptional evening.

The Privilege Lounge

The Premium Lounge

The VIP Lounge


With family or colleagues

If you’d like to celebrate a special occasion with family and friends on a restaurant boat, Eiffel Croisières can organize your Dinner Cruise in Paris.

If you’d like to bring your staff together or invite your customers to a special event on a restaurant boat, Eiffel Croisières can organize your Dinner Cruise in Paris.



Dinner Cruise,

a menu for everyone

The Chef has designed an inclusive menu so that everyone can share the Prestige Dinner Cruise meal. It includes vegetarian dishes and a children’s menu.


Admire Paris’ most beautiful monuments

Parcours Prestige soir

Prestige Dinner Cruise highlights

Experience the magic of Eiffel Croisières’ Prestige restaurant boat as you cruise along Paris’s most beautiful avenue, the Seine.

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